Software Architecture and integration

SOLID .Net solutions. Agile architecture. Testable code.

Architecture drawings for new and existing solutions, integration solutions for poorly coupled or decoupled components.

Heavy refactoring. Re-designing. Modernization.

Software Quality Audit

Specification coverage, code quality, standards compliance, test coverage, dead code, security.

Unit testing, integration testing. Analysis, reporting and advice.

NUnit, MSTest, SpecFlow, TypeMock.

Amazon cloud solutions for storage, content delivery, automation

Infrastructure migration.

Plain old web cms site migration.
(e.g.: from WordPress to Cloud Front and S3.)

Information Security

  • Third-party Security Review / Assessment
  • Network and Application Security
  • Virtualization / Cloud Computing Security
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • IT Audit, Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Secure Application and Database Development
  • Configuration and Change Management

Enterprise Linux / Unix administration (RedHat/CentOS, AIX)

Maintenance routines and automation. Backup and restore.

Firewall solutions

SOHO FreeBSD firewall solutions, based on pfSense.