Software Architecture and integration

SOLID .Net solutions. Agile architecture. Testable code.

Architecture drawings for new and existing solutions, integration solutions for poorly coupled or decoupled components.

Heavy refactoring. Re-designing. Modernization.

Software Quality Audit

Specification coverage, code quality, standards compliance, test coverage, dead code, security.

Unit testing, integration testing. Analysis, reporting and advice.

NUnit, MSTest, SpecFlow, TypeMock.

Team Calendar

web-based viewer for co-workers and room occupancy information

Project page >> calendar

Amazon cloud solutions for storage, content delivery, automation

Infrastructure migration.

Plain old web cms site migration.
(e.g.: from WordPress to Cloud Front and S3.)

Enterprise Linux / Unix administration (RedHat/CentOS, AIX)

Maintenance routines and automation. Backup and restore.

Firewall solutions

SOHO FreeBSD firewall solutions, based on pfSense.