Content Publisher as a service

Markdown + extensions / plugins + automation = read-only WordPress for less.

CPAAS business model
CPAAS technology

Yield Or Risk

Quantitative, fact-based ETF analytics.
Insights, research, finance reports / analytics automation using proprietary framework.
ETF research and analysis

Shared family calendar and weather display solution

Project page

DNS privacy and web content filtration solution

Project page

Team Calendar

web-based viewer for co-workers and room occupancy information Team Calendar
Project page

Adobe Connect .Net SDK

Software Development Kit for e-Learning solutions - open source.
Nuget packages


generic, self-hosted, multi-platform REST API wrapper.
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Sitecore, sync framework

Sitecore, profiler

SaxoEducation, FX education resource

ResultMaker integration

Printer usage audit

Multi-screen university information system

MS Team Foundation Server customization, thermal camera rental

Forex Club, trading center

File system watcher SQL/CLR trigger

Enterprise mailer – mass mailer solution from scratch

Embedded kiosk solution

Custom FileStore (generic document upload functionality for third-party web applications)